Carmeline van Langenberg
Principal Solicitor

My practice offers services in most areas of law to include family law, conveyancing, drafting wills, powers of attorney, enduring guardians, applying for probate and/or letters of administration and criminal law. Family law however, is my passion.

Battles are not easily fought when it comes to parental breakdowns when relationships fall apart.

Our company will pledge to you that our team will fight hard on your behalf and get you the best outcome.

We offer more than just sound legal advice and we will get you the best outcome you deserve.

Having been through divorce and all its complexities myself, I am in a position to help women and men going through a divorce or relationship breakdown to provide them with legal responses to a myriad of questions such as, what about the assets of the marriage/relationship, what about the children?

I am committed to your cause of action and my promise to you is that I will fight hard for your case. Pick up the phone and call me on 02 9629 7725 or send me a confidential email at admin@langenberglaw.com.au


Carmeline van Langenberg